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  • Would you like to transform your love of God’s word into practical solutions for a hurting world? 
  • Do you feel God has placed this call upon your life? Become a respected member of dedicated Spiritual Caregivers. Chaplaincy is the perfect vehicle to transform the sacred communication of prayer into physical and spiritual works of mercy. The man credited with being the first Chaplain, Martin of Tours, served in the cavalry. One night he came across a beggar who had no coat. He took his own cloak, divided it in two, and gave half to the needy man. If this act seems natural to you take the first step in becoming a member of this honourable tradition.

A chaplain is essentially a spiritual representative attached to a secular institution. Chaplains may or may not be certified, have a theological education, or be ordained or commissioned by a particular denomination, though many are. While chaplaincy has traditionally been associated with representatives of the Christian faith, the term is now used for representatives of any faith. Some chaplains are expected to represent multiple faiths, acting as a sort of neutral spiritual resource.

Never before has the world experienced such upheaval and unrest. There is such a high degree of trauma manifesting in the lives of Canadians that many are left feeling overwhelmed and alone.

High crime, homelessness, murders, imprisonment and end of life issues are the toxic cocktail that feeds our daily routines. The door is wide open for those that want to be a comforting presence in the lives of those living within our borders. You can make a difference to someone in hospice care, or in the lives of young students that have been touched by the tragic and untimely death of a classmate.

Our foundational program strives to equip men and women to assist people in times of crisis. You will become acquainted with the dynamics of Spiritual Formation, Christian Ethics, Comparative Religions, Crisis Management, Emergency First Aid, Institutional Ministry (hospitals, prisons and homes for the aged) and Counselling Special Populations. You will learn how to give Holy Communion, perform baptisms , marriages and funerals. Hands on workshops facilitated by those already working in the field as well as local excursions compliment our courses.

This Chaplaincy training is concise and includes legal aspects of being a Chaplain as well as training in helping to establish your specific ministry. This well apportioned program also gives the student an opportunity to complete 50 hours of real Chaplaincy service before graduating. A solid academic base is given real life application before any student is Ordained.

Take your place in The Chaplain’s Classroom where you can pursue an affordable avocation.

Our team will work with you to determine a payment schedule to be stretched out over the study period. Scholarships are available {based on enrollment} Successful completion of this program may lead to Ordination. All students are required to attend the Ordination and no certificate is issued by mail.

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